Greensboro seeking consultant for housing and urban development plans


North Carolina Construction News staff writer

The City of Greensboro housing and neighborhood development department is seeking proposals from qualified consulting firms with a documented record of accomplishment in successfully researching, evaluating, facilitating, and preparing plans to further fair housing for local governments and for US Housing and Urban Development (HUD) plans.

The selected consultant must conduct the following:

  • Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing (AI)
  • Housing Market Study
  • 2025-2029 Consolidated Plan
  • HUD Program Standard Operating Procedures.

All plans and studies must adhere to the Housing GSO: Creating Opportunities to Build a Better Community is a 10-year plan, approved in 2020, to improve access to, and the condition of affordable housing in Greensboro. Housing GSO has four primary goals:

  • Provide affordable rental homes
  • Reinvest in neighborhoods
  • Provide access to homeownership
  • Provide supportive housing.

A virtual Q&A session will be held for interested consultants at 9 am Wednesday, May 8. Final proposals are due by 3 p.m. on May 20.


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