GC license number required on contracts and bids but not on websites and advertisements: NCLBGC

NC GC licensing board

The North Carolina Licensing Board for General Contractors (NCLBGC) has decided to revise a recent rule change that would have required contractors to publish their licence numbers on advertising and websites, as well as on all contracts.

The Carolinas Associated General Contractors (CAGC) says that the licensing board at its Januiary meeting decided pull the advertising and website requirements after being “promoted by questions and concerns from licensees.”

After review the board decided to remove advertising and websites from the rule, CAGC reports. “This is only a preliminary review. The rules are now being prepared to be submitted to the Rules Review Commission and will likely not be codified until this Fall.”

Accordingly, the license number must appear on all contracts and bids. “However, the requirement for advertising and websites is being reconsidered and requires no action by the licensee at this time as the Board will not be enforcing this portion of the rule,” CAGC reports.


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