Fujifilm Disynth begins construction work on $1.8 billion cell culture plant in Holly Springs

fuji holly springs

Fujifilm Disynth has started construction of a $1.8 billion mammalian cell culture plant in Holly Springs. Work commenced in mid-October.

BioProcess International reports that the company expects to complete construction by 2025, when it will offer “biopharma customers 8 x 20,000 L (160,000 L) of stainless steel mammalian cell culture facility.”

“The plant is being constructed for capacity scale-up, with the potential to install another 24 bioreactors each with a volume of 20,000 L. Thus if fully equipped, the facility would boast 640,000 L of tank volume, making it the largest single-facility mammalian biologics plant in the world,” the published report says.

Planning documents indicate that Jacobs is the project’s architect and structural engineer.

The North Carolina plant aims to employ 725 staff. The plant will occupy 150 acres within the Oakview Innovation Park.


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