Fentress Architects help students design futuristic airports


Not much has changed in airport design over the years.

But Fentress Architects have helped students at North Carolina’s State University College of Design to think out the hangar when it comes to airports of the future.

The architecture firm believes that altering the normative design of an airport could change things for the better.

North Carolina students participated in the European Cultural Center’s Biennial Exhibition getting to work alongside Curtis Fentress, reports Designboom.

Students had the opportunity to design terminals for five global destinations: Brazil, China, Iran, Madagascar, and New Zealand. The project was nearly six years in the making, with each concept actualized through a series of architectural models and video renderings.

Students studied the culture, geography, and economy of each place to understand for whom they were designing. The team has been honoured with the European Cultural Centre’s Best Architecture University Project Award 2018 for this specific project. The college will be exhibiting the students’ works in Venice, Italy on Nov. 25.


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