Ediface General Contractors building municipal complex in Simpsonville SC


North Carolina Construction News staff writer

The City of Simpsonville and Edifice General Contractors held a ceremony  last week, to break ground on a new municipal complex in Simpsonville, South Carolina.

“We’re here to break ground on a new municipal complex, which makes this a momentous occasion,” said Mayor Paul Shewmaker. “This ceremony represents a significant step forward for our city, and it’s a symbol of our progress and the vitality that you find here.”

The project — dubbed the ‘crown jewel’ of Simpsonville — will house a 27,142 sq. ft. city hall and police department alongside a joint municipal and summary court and a nearly 20,000 sq. ft. fire department headquarters. Work also includes upgrading the surrounding park.

“These designs have been carefully crafted to ensure they are functional and perfectly suited to their purpose, but we’re also putting shovels in the ground today to start buildings that will be aesthetically wonderful.

“They will be reflective of our city’s unique character and charm.”

Housed with the new police department in a two-story 27,142 sq. ft. building, the new city hall includes space for a Council Chambers (a.k.a. The Ellipse), offices, customer service space, conference space and training areas.

The 19,145 sq. ft. police department will include space for investigations, holding cells, booking, offices, conference rooms, training areas, fitness space, duty area, 911 dispatch and additional police functions. There will also be a fire station with headquarters and a training area, offices, living quarters, kitchen, gear lockers, fitness and training areas, dayroom and duty room.

“I want to thank each of you for being here today to celebrate this wonderful occasion,” Shewmaker said at the groundbreaking. “We can look forward together to a future that is simply brighter, simply better, simply home.”


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