Department of Defense has $66 billion impact on NC economy: NCMBC

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The Department of Defense (DoD) has an annual impact of more than $66 billion and is the second largest sector of the North Carolina economy (12% of GDP), the says.

“With six major military installations, over 100 National Guard and 40 Army Reserve facilities and the third highest number of uniformed military personnel in the country, North Carolina continues to provide comprehensive support to the military and federal agencies worldwide, including products, services and infrastructure from businesses across the state to support our men and women in uniform,” the organization said in a statement.

NCMBC, a business development entity of the North Carolina Community College System headquartered at Fayetteville Technical Community College, observed in the March 25 statement that federal and defense spending on prime contracts in North Carolina increased in fiscal year 2019 by over $1 billion, compared to fiscal year 2018.

“In 2019, businesses in our state executed over $7.1 billion in federal prime contracts, $4.6 billion in DoD prime contracts, and billion(s) more as subcontractors and suppliers on federal projects. Each prime and subcontract performed grows jobs, expands the economy and tax base and improves quality of life for everyone in North Carolina,” said NCMBC executive director Scott Dorney.


  • DoD prime contracts executed in NC increased by $959 million, from $3.7 to $4.6 billion
  • Prime contracts from all federal agencies executed in NC increased by $1.02 billion, from $6.16 to $7.18 billion
  • Businesses in 98 NC counties performed work for the federal government as prime contractors
  • Businesses in 80 NC counties performed work for DoD as prime contractors
  • Businesses in 40 NC counties performed over $10 million in federal prime contracts
  • Businesses in 16 NC counties performed over $75 million in federal prime contracts, including:
ONSLOW $1,401,403,896.09
CUMBERLAND $1,249,578,568.53
DURHAM $1,190,221,889.62
MECKLENBURG $358,899,496.32
WAKE $327,256,242.98
CRAVEN $327,109,167.45
HOKE $324,360,401.83
GUILFORD $215,804,083.61
ROCKINGHAM $169,925,455.22
PASQUOTANK $146,377,049.06
BUNCOMBE $125,742,565.98
NEW HANOVER $125,334,458.50
WAYNE $120,564,142.07
ORANGE $99,537,871.83
FORSYTH $92,176,178.46
BRUNSWICK $82,202,290.27



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