CPN Institute to Facilitate Long-Term Economic Development in NC Rural Communities


Construction Professional Network Institute (CPNI) announced that the Z Smith Reynolds Foundation has granted an award in the amount of $20,000 to CPNI to provide long-term economic development and job creation assistance to rural communities in North Carolina.

Leslie J. Winter, Executive Director of the Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation announced that the grant signifies “that our Trustees are pleased to share in the good work of your organization” and assist it in developing the organizational structure to be a continual player in working and assisting rural towns in our state.

The planning grant will enable CPN Institute, which is a volunteer organization, to partner with local professionals to strengthen its institutional and organizational structure. The funding will also enable the nonprofit organization to seek professional assistance in the creation of its development/fundraising plan.

Reflecting on the planning grant, Michael Schiftan, CPNI Institute chair indicated that “The CPN Institute is a volunteer organization working with local communities to facilitate redevelopment strategy, community engagement, and visioning. The grant further legitimizes the work and accomplishments of the Institute. The funding will assist the organization in its strategic and development planning so as to institutionalize the future of organization.”

CPN Institute is the community service arm associated with the Construction Professional Network of North Carolina [CPN]. CPN is a statewide, multi-disciplined and professionally diverse construction industry membership organization. CPN is a construction trade association, which includes architects and designers, engineers, developers, constructors and sub-contractors, and related services professionals. Its members are either owners or senior management within their respective firms.

CPN Institute has proven or underway engagements in Shelby, Windsor, Ramseur and Thomasville. CPN Institute just initiated a built assessment pilot program to address underutilized or abandoned legacy buildings in rural North Carolina towns. Together with its partners in the program, the North Carolina Rural Economic Development Center and Development Finance Initiative at the UNC School of Government, the CPN Institute will develop assessments and financing strategies with 8-10 rural towns over the next 24 months to further rural economic development.  Read More.