Construction begins on meat processing plant in Greensboro


A M King has started renovation of a Greensboro facility chosen by Southern Foods to house its meat and fish processing operations.

The 88,000-sq.-ft. unfinished precast concrete building on Westcliff Road will allow the company to move to a modern space and open the largest test kitchen the company has developed to date.

Southern Foods, a Cheney Brothers affiliate, is a seafood, meats, cheese and global and local specialty goods supplier. The company needed a space combining cold and dry storage for distribution, refrigerated food processing spaces, a mezzanine for office space and a large area for the test kitchen and walk-up market.

The scope of work provided by A M King includes approximately 14,250 sq.-ft. dry storage; 13,500 sq.-ft. food processing areas; 12,660 sq.-ft. office mezzanine; 11,585 sq.-ft. freezers; and 11,429 sq.-ft. coolers/dock.

The facility will also include nearly 5,000 sq.-ft. of dry dock and fish dock areas. It will be fitted with 26′ clear height racking, a test kitchen, dry meat age room, cheese processing room, and express purchasing for the general public.

A M King will handle HVAC and electrical commissioning and will be responsible for final connections of owner equipment.

The project is scheduled to be complete by late 2019.


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