National Utility Contactors join ConsensusDocs Coalition


The National Utility Contractors Association (NUCA), the national trade association representing utility and excavation contractors, recently joined the ConsensusDocs Coalition becoming the 37th member of this unique coalition that produces best practice contracts for the design and construction industry.

“NUCA is excited to join the ConsensusDocs Coalition,” states Bill Hillman, CEO of NUCA. “Joining the Coalition helps NUCA members by ensuring not only that they have a voice in the drafting process, but that they have easy access (and a member discount) to fair and balanced contracts that are relevant to today’s design and construction projects.”

ConsensusDocs® users are able to work on their standard construction contracts using Microsoft Word® on a PC or Mac as the result of an upgraded new web-based platform released by theCcoalition. The new technology allows the more than 4,700 office locations currently using ConsensusDocs to share and collaborate with anyone using Word.

“The new cloud-based technology platform totally transforms how we deliver contracts,” said Brian Perlberg, executive director and senior counsel for ConsensusDocs. “Our growing base of subscribers can now collaborate and negotiate contracts more efficiently.” The new technology allows contract sharing with multiple contract collaborators either via the web or offline, compare versions of Word, PDF, effectively organize contacts, projects, and each negotiation step into a central dashboard, create templates as favorites for future projects, convert scanned paper and pdf documents into text, and access new and updated standard contracts and technology improvements in real time.

Perlberg added that “the new technology is being offered at no additional cost and current users can opt to use either the new or old system for a period of time.”

The coalition has released new and updated standard construction contract documents including:

  • ConsensusDocs 702 Standard Purchase Order
  • ConsensusDocs 702.1 General Conditions to Standard Purchase Order
  • ConsensusDocs 235 – Standard Agreement Between Owner and Contractor (Cost of Work)
  • Exhibits A and B to ConsensusDocs 235
  • ConsensusDocs 415 – Standard Agreement and General Conditions Between Owner and Design-Builder (Lump Sum)
  • ConsensusDocs 450 – Standard Agreement Between Design-Builder and Subcontractor
  • ConsensusDocs 460 – Standard Agreement Between Design-Builder and Subcontractor (Where the Subcontractor Provides an Element of Design and a GMP)

ConsensusDocs is a coalition of 37 associations representing diverse interests in the design and construction industry that collaboratively writes and endorses 90+ contract documents covering all methods of project delivery. ConsensusDocs recently announced that the National Hispanic Construction Association  joined the Coalition, became the 36th member.  oalition members receive discounts on all ConsensusDocs subscriptions.  Read More.



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