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CCA attorneys at Skufca Law Kerry Traynum, Ron Skufca and Dan Trimmer

By Robin MacLennan
North Carolina Construction News

The Carolinas Construction Attorneys at Skufca Law have over 40 years of combined legal experience representing businesses and individuals in North Carolina and South Carolina.

They represent clients in all construction-related claims, including:

• Breach of contract
• Breach of warranty
• Liens: filing, perfection, enforcement and defense
• Construction defects
• Delay, substantial completion and liquidated damages
• Contract termination
• Payment and performance bonds
• Construction litigation

Managing Attorney Ron Skufca, explained that “The Carolinas Construction Attorneys at Skufca Law, represent all members of the construction industry including developers, general contractors, subcontractors, architects, engineers, suppliers, and insurance companies. Our team also represents commercial and residential property owners with business and construction related issues.”

Drawing upon real-world experience, a top business education, and over 20 years of legal experience, Managing Attorney Ron Skufca and the CCA team provide advice and legal services to clients in the formation and operation of their business, contract negotiation & drafting, employment law issues, and the resolution of disputes that may arise within their business or on a construction project.

As general counsel for many of their clients they are the company’s main attorney and primary source of legal advice. The scope of their work can touch on all areas of the company, handling legal issues for every department. Clients typically develop a working relationship with the entire legal team and have immediate access to their collective expertise.

When the Carolinas Construction Attorneys act as outside general counsel, their clients in the construction industry always have access to legal knowledge and advice as the need arises day in and day out. Clients say working with CCA is invaluable because of the attorneys’ intimate knowledge of the internal systems and external relationships of their business. Having a firm with the legal experience and the industry knowledge that CCA has is equivalent to having an in-house lawyer, with lower cost.

The CCA team communicates with their clients on a regular basis and publish a monthly firm newsletter and blog posts with continuing legal information and updates.

CCA’s core practice includes the negotiation and drafting of construction-industry contracts and related documents for both commercial and residential projects. By working with clients upfront during the negotiation and drafting phase, the CCA team provides competitive advantages towards the successful execution and delivery of their construction projects and the prevention of project claims and disputes. To assist clients with multi state operations, CCA also has attorneys licensed in North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia.

Construction disputes result from a wide variety of situations. They often arise when there is a disagreement between parties regarding performance or payment. An experienced CCA attorney can provide advice as soon as the dispute arises to preserve legal claims, including lien rights.

As skilled negotiators CCA seek prompt out-of-court resolutions, saving time and money for clients. We focus on quick and cost-effective resolutions that get the job done,” Skufca said.

skufca trimmer
Ron Skufca and Dan Trimmer doing a presentation at a home builder association meeting

“We know that parties engaged in disagreements often must continue working with one another on this project or another project down the road. Therefore, if possible, our lawyers take a business preservation approach to resolving disputes.”

Skufca further commented that when a resolution is not possible, “Most construction contracts contain provisions that require arbitration in the event of a dispute, but the rules and procedures regarding how to conduct the arbitration are generally not contained within the contract.

Since arbitration is misunderstood by many in the construction industry, including attorneys, a command of the arbitration rules and procedures has a significant impact on the outcome of the arbitration.”

Put the team at CCA to work for you today.


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