Carolinas AGC say no to gas tax cap


The Carolinas AGC urges members to join fellow NC GO! advocates in telling the NC legislature to leave the gas tax alone. Efforts are under way at the legislature to either cap or totally remove the Motor Fuels Tax – a major source of transportation funding in the state. Legislators need to hear that HB 399 is the wrong move – bad for businesses and bad for protecting jobs.

Capping the gas tax over the proposed two-year period would:

•Only save the average driver about 20 cents per week
•Result in 18,335 miles of pavement statewide that could not be resurfaced
•Would result in almost 7,000 lost jobs
•Cost the state $250 million over the next two years

Click Here for more information and to send a brief message to legislators asking them to fight for jobs and economic opportunities by protecting transportation funding. You can fill out the short form and get your voice heard.

Carolinas AGC is a co-chair and a founding member of NC Go!, a diverse group which includes local chambers of commerce, regional transit systems, construction industry associations and consulting engineers whose focus is on transportation issues in North Carolina.


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