Carolinas AGC Commends Governor’s Attention to Infrastructure Needs


At a time when infrastructure funding is critical to North Carolina’s construction industry and economy, Carolinas AGC commends North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory for his attention to infrastructure needs in his recent State of the State address.

McCrory told state lawmakers he would generate long-term plans to improve state infrastructure in an effort to bolster economic growth.  He repeated campaign themes to focus on economy, education and efficiency in state government.

Likening himself to an “Eisenhower Republican” who connected the East and the West as well as rural and urban areas, McCrory said the four key infrastructure areas his administration would focus on would be transportation, water, energy and communications.

CAGC lobbyists Dave Simpson and Berry Jenkins said the timing of the governor’s remarks is excellent as infrastructure needs—building, transportation, and utility—in North Carolina are high. State agencies and the UNC System, for example, say they need more than five billion dollars to repair existing facilities, not build new ones. The community colleges and public schools also face multi-billion dollar construction repair needs in the state.

“The governor’s call for infrastructure funding couldn’t come at a better time,” Simpson said. “With all the competition and current low cost for construction, taxpayers will get a great deal on public construction work and our economy will be jump-started.”  CAGC notes that for every one billion dollars spent on construction, 28,500 jobs are created or sustained.

“This will send a strong signal to the private sector that we will be partners with them and their continued economic expansion in North Carolina. It is crucial that we begin this process now. We have waited far too long. Let’s do it now and present the next generation with a vision and a plan for economic growth and prosperity through infrastructure,” noted the governor.  Learn more about McCrory’s State of the State address here.