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Capua Law Firm, founded by attorney Paul Capua, is a construction, business and employment firm with locations in North Carolina and Florida. Founding attorney Capua has been working on domestic and international construction disputes – involving billion-dollar projects with multi-national companies – since 2002, first as a partner with a Miami-based international litigation firm and then with Capua Law, a firm he founded in 2009.

Like any good foundation, Capua explains “the mission at Capua Law is to develop solid long-term relationships that companies can build on, with attorneys that are accessible, passionate, and practical.”

Every dispute—construction especially—has its unique set of challenges, and as Capua explains, a core goal is to be effective and add value. The South Florida Daily Business Review nominated Capua and his former colleagues for “Most Effective Lawyer” in recognition for obtaining a hard-fought, $52.6 million award in an international business and licensing dispute against one of the world’s leading sporting goods manufacturers. Capua has also been involved in a construction dispute on a billion dollar project over the conversion of cargo hulls into floating-production-storage-and-offloading vessels (FPSOs).

The team at Capua Law can draw on this experience litigating mega construction and business disputes in the international context to help contractors navigate their commercial and residential matters closer to home. In fact, Paul often lectures on subjects such as, “Adopt Risk Management Principles Learned in International Construction Projects to all Construction Disputes” and the “Essential Risk Management Principles Underlying all Construction Projects”.

Whether you have a maritime hull conversion dispute or a residential defect case, the principles are the same. Capua explains: “train your team on risk management early and often and manage your contracts as you do your projects. After all, constructors are general contractors first and foremost.”

Capua Law’s focus on both construction and business law is also purposeful. More than any other area, construction and business law are both indisputably the law of contracts, so becoming proficient in one compliments the other. “We train our team to be versatile in these co-dependent fields and on both sides of the fence, defending and prosecuting claims,” says Capua. “Disputes are messy, so we train accordingly.”

“In all cases,” Capua explains, “we strive to make innovative, focused, and practical thinking the foundation of our practice. In this way, we are confident we can meet our clients’ needs and resolve disputes to their satisfaction.”

In addition to his significant trial practice, Capua has served on the North Carolina Bar Association’s Section of Construction Law, the American Bar Association’s Forum on Construction Law, and on the International Bar Council of the North Carolina Bar. He has also served as President of the Watauga County Bar Association, Adjunct Professor at both the University of Miami School of Law and Appalachian State University, and as former Co-Chair of the Tortious Interference Subcommittee of the Litigation Section of the American Bar Association.

Conversant in Italian and Spanish, he also advises international contractors and companies in construction and business transactions and regularly lectures in risk management consulting, training, and seminars.

To learn more about the team at Capua Law, you can visit their website:


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