CAGC lobbyists report on 2015 successes

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The Carolinas Associated General Contractors (CAGC) say the association’s two government lobbyists have achieved significant success in 2015. In their report, Betsy Bailey and Barrie Jenkins report:

HB 943 – Connect NC Bond Act of 2015 – Passed (CAGC Supported)
Carolinas AGC led the efforts to secure legislation that would authorize the issuance of $2 billion of general obligation debt if a majority of voters voting in the March, 2016 primary election vote in favor of the measure. The funds would be used for 14 new construction projects within the UNC system, the constituent institutions of the NC Community College system, grants and loans for local water and wastewater systems, National Guard armory facilities, state parks, and agriculture facilities.

Long-Term Sustainable Funding for Transportation – HB 97 (Budget Act) – Passed (CAGC Supported)
Working with a coalition led by the NC Chamber, CAGC was integral to the success of securing an additional $1.2 billion over the next two years for NC’s transportation network. Additional revenue availability of $708 million is realized by ending the $216 million annual highway fund transfer and by adjustments in DMV fees which will also be indexed in future years. Another $450 million is generated as a result of SB 20 (another CAGC supported effort) that established a floor on the motor fuels tax.

Reinstatement of Historic Preservation Tax Credit – HB 97 (Budget Act) – Passed (CAGC Supported)
Another coalition led effort that CAGC was proud to be a part of resulted in the reinstatement of the historic preservation tax credit that was allowed to expire last year. The Governor and the Director of Cultural Resources traversed the state drumming up local support while partners and stakeholders, like CAGC, lobbied legislators to include the credit in the budget.


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