CAGC announces its own response to “Building a Better South” union organization initiative

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The Carolinas Associated General Contractors (CAGC) says it has scheduled a webinar to help its members prepare for union organizing activities. This follows a “union watch” announcement from the Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) Carolinas chapter.

Both organizations were responding to a June 26 union-organized press conference on the steps of the Government Center in Charlotte. The union group led by the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO), and the International Brotherhood of International Workers (IBEW), also attended a meeting of the Charlotte City Council.

“The group proposed that construction workers in the Carolinas, particularly Charlotte, are the victims of wage theft, worker misclassification, lack benefits and are working under unsafe conditions,” CAGC reported in a statement. “The group called on City Council to establish a task force to review working conditions in the construction industry, implement a policy to rate contractors and make them disclose their employment practices.”

The group based their assumptions on a recently published union sponsored report, “Building a Better South,” which paints a grim picture of working conditions in the construction industry throughout the South.

“It appears the report is the basis for ramped-up union activity from the Carolinas through Texas,” said Allen Gray, CAGC Utility Division/Government Relations director. “We are encouraging all members to review their employee programs to ensure they are protected against union organizing tactics and prepared when unions approach your employees, jobsites and offices.”

CAGC says it will host a webinar, featuring nationally recognized labor attorney Mark Stubley, in July to continue to help members prepare for union-organizing tactics. “We also provide CAGC members with an array of resources to help keep their companies open shop and avoid labor related legal claims. These resources include our Open Shop/Pro Employee webpage, Union Free Help Desk, Build Your Career program and access to the CAGC Human Resources Committee’s unmatched expertise on the issue,” the CAGC statement says.

“The Carolinas construction industry is dedicated to our workers, their safety and well-being,” said Tamera Edwards, MB Haynes Corporation, chair of the CAGC HR Committee. “CAGC members go to great lengths to ensure our workers are well taken care of.”

“For nearly 100 years, CAGC has been active in successfully keeping the Carolinas construction industry open shop. We have the resources, training programs and staff to help members maintain a highly skilled workforce, implement an effective open shop program and cultivate a pro-employee atmosphere.”

For more information contact the Open Shop help desk at or Allen Gray, 704-372-1450, ext. 5231.

Union organizing video below: “2016 was an important year for the NC State AFL-CIO,” says secretary-treasurer MaryBe McMillan, “but what we do together this year will matter for working people everywhere. We hope you will join us!”


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