Building new convention center a priority for Durham’s mayor


North Carolina Construction News staff writer

Durham’s top priorities for 2024 include safety, revitalizing the local economy and developing the workforce “now and for the future”.

“It is important to me to define immediate needs, but in no way does that take away from other priority areas that demand more focus, including how we build a safer Durham and affordable housing,” Mayor Leonardo Williams said at a news conference. “I’ll address those areas as well during my upcoming State of the City in the coming weeks.”

Williams said he will embark on a “listening tour” around the city to hear from department leaders, business owners and residents.

One focus area will be economic development.

In addition to continuing to promote revitalization of Downtown Durham as the city’s economic core, Williams will also focus on expanding the economic viability of neighborhoods citywide.

Actions include exploring the development of a new convention center, enhancing marketing and branding, and launching new events and festivals throughout Durham to expand commerce and tourism downtown.

Another focus will be to develop and retain local talent that supports existing and new businesses, current and emerging industries.


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