Budget proposal calls for $465 million NC military construction in 2019 — third highest in the nation

military construction

The president’s budget proposal for fiscal year 2020 includes $464.9 million in Department of Defense (DoD) major military construction at installations in North Carolina, the North Carolina Military Business Center (NCMBC) reports.

This budget if approved would fund projects at the following bases, in the amounts indicated:

  • Fort Bragg: $12.5 million
  • Camp Lejeune: $229.0 million
  • MCAS Cherry Point: $114.6 million
  • MCAS New River: $11.3 million
  • US Special Operations Command – Camp Lejeune: $13.4 million
  • US Special Operations Command – Fort Bragg: $84.1 million

“This military construction budget is great news for North Carolina,” NCMBC executive director Scott Dorney said in a statement.

“In addition to this major construction, North Carolina businesses can anticipate another $100 million in sustainment, restoration and modernization (SRM) construction and facility services contracts, and potentially an additional $1 billion for Hurricane Florence and Hurricane Michael infrastructure recovery. Military construction is big business in North Carolina – including for small businesses.”

The fiscal year 2020 budget figure represents an increase from $315.7 million in major military construction in North Carolina bases compared to 2019. At $464.9 million, DoD construction in North Carolina will be the third highest in the country, trailing only California ($585.7 million) and Virginia ($572.3 million).

With hurricane-related infrastructure repairs, total construction at bases in North Carolina should lead the nation. Also not included in the $464.9 million in new construction projects will be the re-authorization of an additional $151.5 million, for continuation of projects at North Carolina bases included in the  2019 program.

The 2020 program includes 12 new projects, including a dining facility and three Special Operations facilities at Fort Bragg, three airfield and training facilities at MCAS Cherry Point and MCAS New River, and five command, operations and maintenance facilities at Camp Lejeune. Three FY20 19 carryover projects include a battalion complex at Camp Lejeune and flight line utility and hangar facilities for the F-35 Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter at MCAS Cherry Point.

For more information and to receive detailed data from the president’s budget for North Carolina bases, contact Courtney Smedick at courtney@ncmbc.us.


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