Bobbitt breaks ground on $4.53 million design-build sustainable Durham Fire Station

clearing durham fire station
Clearing work for the new fire station

As its first public design-build project permitted by House Bill 857, the City of Durham and Durham County EMS hired Raleigh-based Bobbitt Design Build to construct Durham Fire and EMS Station #17 at 5503 Leesville Rd., where construction launched in July.

The 11,430-sq. ft. station, with a $4.53 million budget, is designed to fulfill the City of Durham’s requirements for an environmentally responsible building and also incorporate additional sustainable, high-performance measures to achieve Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) standards, the contractor says in a news release. Specifically, the fire department is seeking silver level certification by the U.S. Green Building Council.

The single story, 4-bay facility will serve as a municipal home for both fire and EMS functions. The design will accommodate separate operational differences between EMS and the fire department and include provisions for specific staff needs including specialized storage and equipment, building access and use of semi-private, public and shared spaces.

renderings durham fire station
Renderings from City of Durham

Fire Station #17 will exhibit Durham architecture qualities such as brick detailing and gable/hip roof profiles. The entrance lobby will serve as a “Safe Haven” space for the surrounding community, and the building’s design incorporates high performing materials and low maintenance features given that this fire station will not have a full-time maintenance person on site.

The project will be complete in spring 2018.

Consultants include: LEED: MBP, Inc.; landscape: CLH Design; structural: Stroud Pence
and PME: Crenshaw Consulting Engineers.


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