‘Bidenomics’ is the future, POTUS says in South Carolina


North Carolina Construction News staff writer

President Joe Biden promoted his economic agenda in South Carolina last week, emphasizing the importance of infrastructure.

“How can you have the best economy in the world and not have the best infrastructure in the world?” he said in a speech. “On my watch, we’re making infrastructure a decade headline.”

Biden used Enphase Energy as an example of growth, a supplier of solar energy equipment investing more than $60 million to open six manufacturing lines in the U.S., including two in South Carolina.

According to a White House news release, companies have announced more than $500 billion in manufacturing and clean energy investments since the start of Biden’s term.

Speaking at the Flex facility in West Columbia, the president said “Bidenomics is rooted in what always worked best for this country: investing in America. Because when you invest in our people, when you strengthen the middle class, we see stronger economic growth that benefits everybody.

“I’m here to say we have a plan that is turning things around quickly.”

The White House has described Bidenomics as a three-pillar plan for public investments, educating workers and promoting competition to lower costs. The administration frequently characterizes the plan as building the economy “from the middle out and the bottom up,” rather than through trickle-down economics.

“Bidenomics is about the future,” Biden said. “Bidenomics is just another way of saying, ‘Restore the American Dream because it worked before.'”


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