Associations work together to improve diversity in NC construction industry


In an effort to improve diversity and promote growth throughout North Carolina’s construction industry, Carolinas AGC (CAGC) and the United Minority Contractors of North Carolina (UMCNC) have signed a Memo of Understanding. The signing, which took place July 24 at the Carolinas AGC Building/Utility/Specialty-Supplier Divisions Meeting, capped months of discussions between the groups and provides a win-win outcome for the entire construction industry.

Under the agreement, the two groups will continue working together to develop strategies for building minority contractor capacity in all aspects of construction, and develop strategies that facilitate relationship building and enhance opportunities for inclusion on construction projects. This is a win-win situation because it will help majority contractors meet Historically Underutilized Business (HUB) goals and grow small, emerging businesses.

“UMCNC is always looking for ways to bring more value to our members, project owners and other potential partners. Working closely with CAGC to leverage resources that are becoming more and more limited in this tough economy makes perfect sense. We’re optimistic that our collaboration will create a win-win situation for the members of both organizations,” said UMCNC’s President Curtis Wynn of Roanoke Electric and co-signer of the agreement.

CAGC’s Chair of the Board Mike Long, who is with Taylor & Murphy Construction Company, added: “This agreement documents CAGC’s and UMCNC’s commitment to partnering, and I’m honored to sign on behalf of CAGC.”

CAGC’s President and CEO Cynthia Mills, who was also involved in the strategic meetings, added: “Our industry is stronger when it is inclusive. We’re looking forward to creating a dynamic partnership that will be of mutual benefit to our organizations and the construction industry in North Carolina.”

Click Here to view the CAGC-UMCNC announcement.


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