Apple Inc. delays massive corporate campus construction in Wake County


North Carolina Construction News staff writer

Apple Inc. has delayed construction on a massive corporate campus planned in Research Triangle Park, Wake County. Originally unveiled in 2021, the project aimed to establish a one-million-sq. ft. research and development campus, investing more than $1 billion in North Carolina by 2032.

The proposed project includes constructing a new engineering and research center in the Raleigh-Durham area. According to plans submitted last year, the first phase of construction will feature six buildings and a parking garage, comprising 700,000 sq. ft. of office space, 190,000 sq. ft. of accessory space, and nearly 3,000 parking spaces. The structures will include three office buildings, with the largest at around 242,000 sq. ft. and the other two just over 230,000 sq. ft. each, all standing at 73 feet tall.

“Apple has been operating in North Carolina for over two decades, and we’re deeply committed to growing our teams here,” Rachel Wolf Tulley, a company spokeswoman, said in a statement on Monday. “We’re looking forward to developing our new campus in the coming years.”

Governor Roy Cooper also commented on the delay, confirming he has spoken with Apple officials who “emphasized their commitment to build this transformative campus here in North Carolina.”

State commerce officials approved an economic incentives package in 2021, which includes grants of up to $845.8 million to be paid to Apple over 39 years, contingent upon the company meeting various performance goals.


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