Wilmington seeking bids to demolish structures at 1110 Castle St.


North Carolina Construction News staff writer

The City of Wilmington is moving forward with plans to sell a 1.5-acre property located at 1110 Castle St., after numerous attempts to re-develop the property through public-private partnerships failed to produce a viable project.

Staff has issued a request for proposals (RFP) for the procurement of asbestos abatement and the demolition of two vacant warehouse buildings, a fuel canopy, and an above ground fuel tank on the site. Proposals will be accepted until July 21, 2022.

Wilmington city council will also vote to authorize the sale of the property through a sealed bid process, which allows the city to reject the highest bid if it is not satisfactory. Proceeds from the sale will be used for affordable housing.

The property previously served as the operations and maintenance facility for WAVE Transit and was released back to the city in June 2015 when WAVE formally vacated the site. The property sustained major damage during Hurricane Florence in 2018 and continues to deteriorate. The city has conducted multiple environmental studies of the site, which found lead, asbestos, mold, and soil contamination.

Council directed staff to divest the property in April.


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