White River Marine Group to build new facility in Craven County


White River Marine Group says that it will open a manufacturing facility in Craven County, with a target of 500 jobs.

The company will make a significant investment in New Bern, creating its first coastal manufacturing site and adding Hatteras to its portfolio of well-known brands.

Plans call for a major investment to modernize the Hatteras facility and establish a coastal manufacturing center generating hundreds of new jobs. The plant will offer customers demo rides on the Atlantic Ocean and opportunities to tour the factory. It will also serve as an R&D center for sea-trialing and product development across all three brands.

White River Marine Group is the world’s largest manufacturer of boats. The expansion will shift the focus of the company’s saltwater manufacturing from the Midwest to the sea, closer to the saltwater market and a thriving community of craftsmen and women. The company will continue to support and grow Hatteras, as well as relocate production of iconic saltwater boat brands MAKO and Ranger Saltwater to New Bern, which is a premier location for saltwater fishing.


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