Scaffolding Solutions achieves exceptional safety record with full-service elevated work platforms

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North Carolina Construction News special feature

Scaffolding Solutions, in business since 2002, is a full-service scaffolding engineering firm providing fully erected, turnkey elevated work platforms for all type of construction projects.

The company works on new as well as restoration projects, shipyard staging applications for ship repair, and industrial operations of all types. Whether it is a government building, military base, educational or medical facility or any other type of commercial or industrial project, the business will erect exactly what is needed, says company president Roger Jetton.

The business has North Carolina offices in Charlotte and Greensboro, as well as locations in Charleston, SC and also in Richmond, Manassas and Chesapeake, Virginia.

The company’s professional erectors will erect the scaffolding a customer needs and then dismantle it at the end of the project. They have the most advanced scaffolding systems available, with local professional crews that can respond quickly to customers, especially in emergency situations.

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Scaffolding Solutions has worked on many complicated and challenging projects over the years. One example is the Trinity Dome Project in Washington, DC in 2017.
Jetton said safety is critically important. He said the organization has not had a lost-time accident in two years and 11 months and their EMR (experience modification factor) is .77. “We are very proud of our safety record,” he said.

The company focuses on an individual behavioral-based safety approach. All workers know they can call “time out” if they believe there is a safety issue on the job. Every element of training and work is focused on safety.

Jetton said that safety has evolved over time and employees have been able to take their safety standards to a much higher level. Certain projects have demanding scaffolding installation elements. Supervisors assess job hazards every morning and supervisors review those hazards with crews before any work is started.

The safety focus is driven by the desire to protect good, hardworking employees, Jetton says. Incorporating best safe-work practices in every worker task, Scaffolding Solutions has minimized worker injuries and risks.

Safety recognitions include the BB&T insurance company Lighthouse Beam Safety Recognition Award in 2017, reflecting a workers’ compensation loss ratio of 10 percent or less. At least 75 percent of Scaffolding Solutions’ employees receive Industrial Safety Readiness Training (ISRT) certificates each year, resulting in the Gold Level award from The Virginia Manufacturer’s Association.

In addition, Scaffolding Solutions received the National Scaffold and Access Industry Association’s (SAIA)’s 2017 Collaborative Commercial Project of the Year award. The SAIA project award was based on the innovative scaffolding and construction hoist installation at the Basilica Church in Washington, D.C., the largest Catholic church in North America, done with 30,000 man-hours of work with zero safety incidents.

Scaffolding Solutions employs in-house safety managers as well as independent safety consultants to constantly review best practices and audit worker safety.

One best-practice example is the company has adopted the use of self-retractable dual lanyards at all work sites. The lanyards have a much shorter stopping time and are much safer than standard ones, Jetton said.

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