Raleigh GC among first to receive national BIM accreditation


Harry McKinney, Jr. of Clancy & Theys Construction Co., Raleigh, NC, is among the first to receive a new national accreditation in the use of  Building  Information Modeling (BIM), a process that relies on computer-generated models to better manage construction projects. The professional ccreditation, which is being offered by AGC of America, is the first assessment-based credential to recognize construction professionals on their ability to use the process.

Mr. McKinney was one of 34 construction professionals nationwide who tested successfully to receive the new professional accreditation, the Certificate of Management-Building Information Modeling (CM-BIM). Candidates first had to complete the BIM Education Program, a series of four courses the association developed to help construction professionals learn how to use the construction process. To date, more than 3,800 professionals across the country have entered the association’s education program.

“I have always been interested in truly collaborative construction, where designers and constructors work together to make an incredible building with all aspects of the job carefully thought through,” said McKinney “Getting credentialed means that I can be considered a trusted source of all things BIM-related for my company, and for our clients.”

The education program and assessment-based certificate were developed by a group of industry experts assembled by the association. “This new credential is a way to recognize professionals who have demonstrated a real mastery of the building information modeling process,” said Stephen E. Sandherr, AGC’s chief executive officer. “It is yet another way that this association is helping the construction industry embrace new methods of project delivery.”

Sandherr added that the association plans to make continuous updates to  the education program and the assessment to make sure it keeps pace with technology developments. Read More.



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