New Training Resource Available to Meet OSHA HazCom Requirements by December 1


The new Hazard Communication Standard, referred to as “HazCom 2012”, requires employers to train their employees in the new standards by December 1, 2013.  North Carolina-based SafetyTech Consultants has prepared a comprehensive kit featuring a twenty-five minute DVD covering the information employees need to know to recognize the hazards presented by chemicals and how to protect themselves.

Included with the video is a printable ten-question quiz to confirm employee understanding of the training and an attendance roster. These provide documentation that the contractor has fulfilled its responsibility under HazCom 2012.  The course is available in English or Spanish formats.

“We found the SafetyTech DVD to be the most convenient way to train our employees in our own timeline and still be compliant with the HazCom requirements by December 1,” says  Rena Smith, COO, Protégé, Mechanical Labor Solutions, Winston-Salem,  Daniel Kavanaugh, Former NC OSHA Compliance Officer adds, “The SafetyTech Training Kit covers the all points of the law that meet the training requirements of the new HazCom standard.”  You can order the training kit at or call 336-468-6075.  Read more.