NC State Energy Conference features tracks focused on ICI, residential buildings

State energy conference NC

The 2016 North Carolina State Energy Conference April 20 and 21 will include significant tracks for both residential construction and commercial, institutional and industrial buildings.

The conference at the State University of North Carolina in Raleigh “will examine the impacts of energy technologies, policies and finance on customers at all levels of the energy marketplace,” the conference announcement says.

Keynote presentations include Christopher Chung, CEO, Economic Development Partnership of North Carolina and Margo Oge, former director, Office of Transportation Air Quality, U.S. EPA and Distinguished Fellow at ClimateWorks.

Session topics will address:

Commercial, Institutional and Industrial Buildings

  • Streamlined Performance Contracting and Solid State Lighting Considerations for Governmental Buildings
  • Commercial and Industrial Buildings Innovation
  • Renewable Energy Opportunities for Commercial and Institutional Buildings
  • Commercial and Institutions Energy Efficiency Update
  • Renewable topics: Third Party Ownership Structures and Net Metering Considerations

Residential homes

  • Power generation, transmission, and distribution
  • Commercial, industrial, and institutional buildings
  • Research and innovations
  • Clean transportation

There is also a GreenNC and High Performance Building pre-conference event on April 19.

The pre-conference event fee is $150 and the cost for private sector commercial and industry business representatives at the conference is $269 (by April 15) with higher fees for “at the door” registration.

For further information and to register see this link.


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