NC Research Campus to solicit construction company proposals for Food Science Processing and Innovation Center

The NC Research Campus in Kannapolis

Plans for a 15,000 sq. ft. Food Science Processing and Innovation Center at the NC Research Campus in Kannapolis are taking shape.

Mark Spitzer, vice-president of Castle and Cooke North Carolina says the NC Research Campus is scheduled to to solicit proposals from construction companies in the fall. Construction inside the core lab building could start in the first quarter of 2018, he told The Salisbury Post.

The food processing center secured a $4.4 million, one-time allocation from the NC General Assembly and a $700,000 recurring allocation, says Mario Ferruzzi, NC State University food science and nutrition professor. State and local officials are hammering out the details and the project could be complete near the end of 2018.

Spitzer said the food processing center will either be the largest or second-largest tenant in the core lab, the newspaper reported.


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