NC Contractors can suggest rule changes on ‘Good Government’ website


Gov. Bev Perdue unveiled a new website that will collect suggestions from all North Carolinians regarding antiquated, outdated or frustrating rules or regulations in need of reform or elmination that are inadvertantly hindering job creation, slowing progress, or hurting local governments and schools.

If your business is being negatively affected or hampered by such a rule or regulation, the NC Sustainable Energy Association suggests you submit your comments and suggestions.

At a press conference, Gov. Perdue highlighted several “problematic” rules that are in the process of being reworked or eliminated. She discussed a rule that currently prevents wind turbines or wind farms from being installed in navigable waters off the North Carolina coast because of a ban on water dependent structures like hotels, which has been on the books for many years. This rule is scheduled to be reworked so it doesn’t impact wind turbines at an upcoming meeting of the Coastal Resources Commission.

All of the submissions made via this website will be reviewed by the Office of State Budget and Management followed by appropriate action by Governor Perdue, which could include immediate changes via Executive Orders or recommendations to the General Assembly.

Click Here for more information about the new website.


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