Mecklenburg County approves half of funding request for Discovery Place Nature project


North Carolina Construction News staff writer

Mecklenburg County commissioners have approved an additional $10 million to cover escalating construction costs at Discovery Place Nature – only half of the funding request presented at the recent meeting.

Approving $10 million, according to commissioners, will ensure construction bids set to expire this week can be finalized.

Commissioner Elaine Powell called the $20 million ask “one of the most offensive items that has ever been before” the commission.

Since the project was originally approved and funded with $16 million in 2017, construction costs have increased from $35 million to $62.3 million since 2017, despite redesigns and multiple bidding processes.

County Manager Dena Diorio told the meeting she “has no idea where the extra money will come from.”

Discovery Place will now be left to raise $10 million.


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