It’s not just online anymore


Guest Editorial by Chris Hearn

We spend time at Qudeso looking at the changes affecting online marketing that impact our clients.   Gone are the “good old days” where businesses, large or small, could buy a domain, put up an inexpensive website, sit back and wait for the magic to happen.  Equally gone is the inattention many companies and organizations gave to network security and database protection.  Is your information really safe, or is it time to make changes?

If your online marketing strategy is more than a couple years old, it’s time for some spring cleaning and there are some steps you should consider to make sure your customers still consider your products and services first. Do they find  the information  you provide relevant, useful and possibly entertaining?  Take a good look at your analytics.  Consider updating the information you display and see if your marketing dollars are focused on the right people and places.  You should look at competitive sites just to see if they “get it” or are they even more vulnerable.

Get your social media projects in line with changing markets. Make sure that you have a member of your team regularly keeping your target communities aware, informed and enlightened. Is your company listed on Linked In? Have you upgraded your business and personal pages to Timeline? Are you blogging?  Are you sure you’re getting the biggest SEO bang for your buck?

The web is changing and you have to work smarter to stand out, be found, heard and recognized for the things that make you great.

Chris Hearn is Co-Founder of Qudeso, a North Carolina-based full service marketing firm. For more information call 919-395-1802 or email


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