Greensboro awarded $11 million


North Carolina Construction News staff writer

The City of Greensboro has been awarded $11 million in state funding for remediation projects at Bingham Park and various downtown Greensboro sites.

The 12-acre Bingham Park served as a disposal site for incinerated waste until 1956 before being converted to parkland. In the late 2000s, the city started planning to redesign and improve the park. New funding will support full waste removal, rebuilding stream banks, and other projects.

The site is categorized as a pre-regulatory landfill since it was in operation prior to 1983, when landfill standards were established to protect health and the environment. Pre-regulatory landfills accepted types of waste not allowed in modern landfills.

Funding will also be used to address multiple downtown Greensboro sites in varying stages of need of environmental mediation as the City continues its focus to decrease the number of vacant sites to improve economic vitality and opportunity for residents and visitors. This further elevates downtown Greensboro as a regional economic driver.


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