FMI evaluates engineering and construction executive pay trends (reporting decline)_


Raleigh-based FMI, in a white paper reporting on engineering and construction executive pay trends, reports that pay has declined from 2008 through 2013,”heavily influenced by profitability.”

Author Mike Rose’s report key takeaways include:

  • Long-term compensation and total compensation are heavily influenced by profitability and have seen the sharpest declines for the executive officers (CEO, CFO, COO and CAO).
  • Executive total compensation has declined about eight per cent.
  • Financial executives and business unit executives have seen the steepest declines in bonuses, reflecting the consolidation of executive power into the corporate suite and away from the business unit.
  • The largest gains in bonuses reflect an emphasis on cost control, as well as project management.

Annually, FMI conducts a series of compensation surveys covering approximately 280 positions for the engineering and construction industries. To download a copy of the “Executive Pay Trends” white paper, click here.


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