Durham FY2023-2024 budget increases Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) for street paving and infrastructure projects


North Carolina Construction News staff writer

The City of Durham’s approved budget for FY 2024 increases spending for capital improvements and includes $17 million for new projects to improve open spaces and infrastructure in previously disinvested neighborhoods.

Funding is also included to enhance the Fayetteville Street corridor with $10 million for the historic area. This funding will support a variety of efforts, including residential and commercial real estate programs, small business support, and street, sidewalk, and landscape improvements.

The approved CIP budget includes $306.2 million for new projects and will continue to complete existing projects with $84.7 million allocated to general projects that were deemed a priority and essential to capital infrastructure needs, and an additional $17 million designated through the Equitable and Green Infrastructure process.

It means more than 20 projects will provide enhanced and equitable green spaces at parks in disinvested neighborhoods as well as fund water quality projects, new sidewalks in Bragtown, East Durham, and Merrick Moore communities, and pedestrian safety, access, and traffic calming projects.

Since street conditions continue to be a significant concern for residents responding to the 2022 Resident Satisfaction Survey, the final budget provides $15 million for street paving and maintenance.

There is an additional $204.7 million of CIP funding dedicated to Water and Sewer, Stormwater, and Solid Waste projects. A $2.20 monthly increase for Tier 2 water and sewer customers, and a $1.55 monthly increase for Tier 2 stormwater customers are also included.

To review the approved budget, visit the City’s Budget and Management Services Department webpage.


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