Do you question the value of social media?


Guest editorial by Chris Hearn, Co-founder, Qudeso. Reprinted from the October/November issue of North Carolina Construction News

We regularly get involved in conversations where contractors tell us they understand that Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, etc. are great tools for teenagers and college kids. Yet they have not been able to draw a correlation to the advantages this powerful business medium could bring to their business.  While this economy has forced many businesses to look at new, cost effective tools to reach and hold potential clients, there has also been reluctance to embrace this technology wholeheartedly as a viable solution.

The question you should be considering is: How can I use this cost effective, productive tool to help grow my business?There are a number of ways to get started:

1.       Ask your current customers how they use and succeed using Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, etc.

2.       Find one or two people in your own organization who use social media every day and ask them for their opinion.

3.       Read any one of a number of blogs and websites that detail how you can employ this platform.

4.       Check competitive websites to get some ideas.


5.       Ask every person who contacts your business how they found out about your company.

If your business could use new customers, you should be seeking out this information.  Your competition is probably doing the same thing.

Chris Hearn is Co-Founder of Qudeso, a North Carolina-based full service marketing  For more information call 877-478-3376 or email:


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