ConsensusDocs publishes IPD agreement documentation


The ConsensusDocs Coalition has published the 300 Multi-Party Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) Agreement and the related 396 Joining Agreement.

The new documents reflect a comprehensive revision of the ConsensusDocs 300 IPD Agreement, which was an industry-first document when published in 2007. The working group formed to update the documents was co-chaired by Joe Cleves, Construction head and partner at DBL Law, who possesses extensive experience on IPD agreements, and has served as LCI’s outside general counsel. Will Lichtig also co-chaired and is president of the Lean Construction Institute (LCI) and recognized as one of the world’s preeminent practitioners of lean and IPD at Boldt Construction.

“This document achieves a significant breakthrough and should become the most used standard IPD agreement based upon the positive feedback received to date,” Cleves said in a statement. “In many ways, the 300 is the Coalition’s flagship contract, because it reflects the collaboration and utilization of best practices that are central tenants of ConsensusDocs to improve the A/E/C industry.”

“This update provides a clear articulation of how to contract for lean integrated project delivery by addressing the construction process, commercial terms, and organizational structure,” said  ConsensusDocs executive director Brian Perlberg. “At this time, there are no other IPD standard documents that address all of these areas. For this reason, ConsensusDocs believes the new document will become the standard IPD agreement going forward to both experienced and relatively new IPD practitioners alike.”

A complimentary guidebook will soon be available on the ConsensusDocs website. The guidebook will highlight issues, provide sample Risk Pool Plans, and offer a sample responsibility allocation matrix.



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