CMP Pumping says it has acquired the largest concrete pump in the Carolinas

63 CMP truck

Concrete & Materials Placement (CMP) says it has acquired a new 63 m., 5-section boom pump, which the company says is the largest pump available in the Carolinas.

Increasing construction activities and new development projects have resulted in a huge need foot concrete pumps, CMP says in a statement. “As the needs of the market and the needs of our customers grow, so must the size of our fleet and the size of our pumps,” says CMP general manager Curtis Miles. “The 63 Meter will allow us to reach new heights and will be perfect for the influx of high rise buildings across the Carolinas.”

“We are constantly looking at new equipment to meet growing demands, both in size of the equipment and quantity,” Miles said. “We are also continuously look into new technological advancements to ensure our equipment is top quality for our customers.”

The 63 m. pump has a 5 in. delivery system on the entire boom, allowing it to meet demands of harsher mixes and minimizing the effect of air content for bridge pours.

For technical specs and more information on the 63 m. concrete boom pump, please visit


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