Chatham Park development could bring $154 billion to North Carolina

Chatham Park

A new study by North Carolina State University reveals that Chatham Park development will have a significant impact on the local, regional, and state economies, generating $154 billion over next 40 years.

The development will produce $80 billion for Chatham County, $140 billion for the Triangle region and $154 billion for North Carolina.

In addition, the development will create 61,000 permanent jobs in Chatham County, 99,000 permanent jobs in the Triangle region and 115,000 permanent jobs in North Carolina, according to the study.

Chatham Park is a 7,000-acre master-planned live, work, play sustainable community under construction in Pittsboro, North Carolina. With zoning approval for 22 million square feet of commercial, office, and civic space and 22,000 residential units, it will be one of the largest master-planned communities in the country upon completion.


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