Charlotte releases revised draft future policy map, manual


North Carolina Construction News staff writer

Charlotte’s planning, design and development department has released a revised draft of the future 2040 policy map and manual.

Documents are part of the 2040 comprehensive plan, offering guidance on the appropriate type and intensity of development across the city. This revised version reflects extensive community feedback collected and strategic planning efforts made during the Community Area Planning process.

The Charlotte Future 2040 Policy Map Manual provides essential insights into the intended use of the map and outlines procedures for potential amendments, ensuring transparency and accountability in the planning process.

The third and fourth phases of Community Area Planning will begin this spring and fall and the final phase begins winter 2025.

Stakeholders are invited to review the policy map and manual and submit feedback online through June 12, 2024. There will be additional opportunities to review and provide feedback on the 2040 Policy Map and Manual during 2024 fall workshops for the Community Area Planning process.

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