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The Carolinas Associated General Contractors (CAGC) encourages its members to support two PACs, one each for North and South Carolina.

On its web page, the association says its “PACs work to improve the business environment for those in our industry.”

The CAGC says the North Carolina PAC has been focusing on these issues in 2016:

  • Sustain/maintain $1.2 billion in new money approved last year in the biennium budget for our state’s transportation infrastructure;
  • Support  efficiency improvements in NCDOT’s project development and delivery processes;
  • Now that voters have approved the issuance of $2 billion in bonds, CAGC will be working with legislators and public owners to ensure the projects move forward in a fair, open and transparent manner;
  • Lift the funding cap of $500,000 approved in last year’s budget that limits the amount of state dollars that can fund commuter rail projects. This cap not only threatens the integrity of the Strategic Transportation Investment law enacted three years ago, but also has the potential to halt the Durham Orange light rail project which had already been approved for funding through the STI Process;
  • Support the Strategic Transportation Investment Law’s prioritization process, minimizing political input into NCDOT projects and providing transparency in the project programming process;
  • Continue to provide leadership and find transportation funding solutions in the NCGO Transportation Advocacy Coalition (co-founded by CAGC) in a legislative and public awareness campaign;
  • Support regulatory reform and minimize administrative burdens to reduce contractors’ business operation costs;
  • Address the ever growing issue of the lack of skilled labor in the construction industry;
  • Establish dedicated long term sustainable funding for repair and renovation of state buildings.
  • Ensure that any additional action taken beyond the Governor’s Executive Order that established an administrative division specifically focused on curbing the abuse of the misclassification of workers as independent contractors is thoroughly vetted by CAGC members and found to be fair and reasonable for both general contractors and subcontractors.
  • Monitor any study, legislation or other action as it relates to the specification of piping materials that must be considered for all publicly funded water and sewer projects. Last year a group of stakeholders, including CAGC, defeated legislation promoted by the PVC pipe industry that would have required all types of piping materials, regardless of engineering analysis, to be considered. However, the Environmental Review Commission may conduct a study during the interim and recommendations could result in legislation introduced again in 2016.

The CAGC invites contributions by cheque, or by credit card with an online page link.

However, the association makes clear that PAC contributions must be personal checks or payments. “NC law prohibits corporate contributions to Political Action Committees,” the association says.

Checks can be sent to the Carolinas AGC NC PAC at Carolinas AGC, 6115 Park South Dr. Suite 350, Charlotte, NC 28210, attn: Betsy Bailey, or you can contribute online at this link:


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