AGC’s board approves policy priorities for 2015-2016

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The Associated General Contractors (AGC) said that its board of directors recently approved its legislative and regulatory priorities for the 114th Congress, which spans 2015 and 2016.

The board made the final changes to a list that was developed by the AGC Legislative Action Committee in December.

The top priorities are based upon: impact on the industry; timeliness; and achievability.

Congress did swiftly act on Terrorism Risk Insurance, but other priorities will require a longer more concerted effort to pass.

Among top priorities is: develop and support initiatives that will Jump-Start Privately Funded Construction, Grow the Economy, Enhance U.S. Competitiveness, and Create Jobs—such as Swift Passage of the Terrorism Risk Insurance Act Reauthorization.

Another priority is support workplace policies that promote a safe and healthy work environment for the construction industry.

AGC wants regulators to “ensure that federal environmental laws are based in sound science, undergo thorough cost-benefit analysis, and are transparent in methods and goals; and support the training and recruiting of the next generation of skilled construction workers,” among others priorities.


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