Advertisement: City of Columbia (SC): Lake Katherine Sewer Line Capacity Enhancement

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City of Columbia’s Project Name:

City of Columbia CIP Project #SS7261
Bid Date – 01/11/2019

Prime Contractor:
Stutts & Williams, LLC

Areas of work available for subcontracting:
Traffic Control, Landscaping, Retaining Wall Construction, Tree Removal and Disposal, Sewer Line CCTV, Asphalt Paving/Patching, Concrete Work

Contact Person’s Name and Phone Number:
Cindy McMahan, 803-814-3753

Additional Information:
Stutts & Williams, LLC will provide links to plans and specifications based on inquiries.

Subcontract values greater than $500,000 may require bonding unless subcontractor can provide adequate past experience and financial information to waive bonding requirement.

Stutts & Williams, LLC requests pricing be submitted to us by COB, January 3, 2019.

Questions & proposals can be sent to

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