$9.5 million school to be built on Oracoke, replacing building damaged by Hurricane Dorian

oracoke island school image

A new school will be  built on Ocracoke, a North Carolina barrier island hit by a Hurricane Dorian in September, 2019, that had left the former building heavily damaged.

The Associated Press reports that the hurricane sent more than 5 feet of water into some areas of the island, flooding the island’s only school building.

Architect Ben Cahoon from Cahoon & Kasten Architects of Nags Head estimated construction costs for the 19,117 sq. ft. project at $255 per sq. ft., for a total of $4.87 million, The Island Free Press reported in October. “This figure does not include the $174,717 to demolish the existing building, restoring and waterproofing the gym (which cannot be raised) and elevating the existing elementary wing to match the new building height. Furnishings are also separate budget items although much of the furniture has been donated.”

The structure will be constructed more than 7 feet above sea level, and is expected to be completed in 2022.

The newspaper said state and federal dollars will fund the construction.


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