$10,000 available in cost-sharing program for green infrastructure


North Carolina Construction News staff writer

Wilmington’s “Heal Our Waterways” is piloting a new cost-share program of up to $10,000 in rebates for green infrastructure on commercial and other large-scale developments in the Bradley and Hewletts Creeks Watersheds.

Eligible projects must:

  • Be located in the Bradley or Hewletts Creeks Watersheds
  • Be commercial, mixed use, high-density residential, or HOA common area
  • Go above minimum stormwater requirements
  • Have a contractor that is able to design and construct the project

Projects must fill out an application and be approved prior to construction. We will then work with you and your contractors to ensure the successful installation of green infrastructure practices, like infiltration basins, constructed wetlands, rainwater cisterns, and more. Depending on the practice you choose and the size, you could receive a rebate up to $10,000. Funding is first come, first served until depleted this fiscal year.

Click this link for details.


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