Charlotte approves sustainable facilities policy: USGBC-NC applauds decision

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Charlotte City Council has approved a Policy for Sustainable City Facilities, setting out priorities to preserve land and trees, conserve clean water resources, reduce energy use and the carbon footprint, maximize transportation alternatives, lead by example and encourage local sustainable industry and protect occupant health, maximize productivity and encourage sustainable employee behaviors.

In a note, the US Green Business Council North Carolina (USGBC-NC), wrote:

Charlotte City Council passed the Sustainable Facilities Policy at their meeting last week!  

Our chapter experts like Sara O’Mara, John Komisin, Keith Pehl and Will Weaver helped shape this policy years ago and we shaped it’s evolution over the last two years to include LEED certification!

Thank you to everyone for sharing knowledge and facts with City staff and City Council members.  Thank you to everyone who attended meetings to support this policy and who made phone calls and sent letters.
This is an advocacy success that should be shared with other cities in the state so that more of NC can be developed in a sustainable way!

Let’s recognize this milestone for the success that it is and celebrate it!  

 You can view the council meeting where the decision was made here.


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